1. Paragraphs. With its clean and simple format, this is by far one of my most highly recommended apps for bloggers. Unlike other apps, Paragraphs is a stripped down writing experience. With a night and day time interface and four basic fonts, Paragraphs is a distraction-free, sleek and functional.

2. Bloglovin’. Start the day with a cup of coffee and this handy app where all your favourite blogs are on one convenient feed. Save, share, like, and create collections from your favourite posts. Bloglovin’ is also a great way for bloggers to grow their audience and  increase traffic. 

3. 30/30. Are you a major procrastinator that never finds time or concentration to write? 30/30 is time-management app that allows you to time yourself in thirty-minute intervals per task. Set yourself a deadline to begin and end working and challenge yourself to stick to it. It’s the perfect app for part-time bloggers that are juggling school and/or work and are struggling to find a moment to just sit and write. 

4. Coffitivity. Coffitivity is a blogger’s white-noise machine. If you’re one a person that operates best with the clattering of mugs and the distant conversations between barista and customer, this app is a perfect balance between the comfort of your home and the hustle-bustle of your favourite cafe. 

5. CameraBag 2This is a photo editing software particularly for beginners, and perfect for the blogger that requires very little in the way of software or advanced editing. Very simple and straight forward, even for the most amateur editor.  

Photo Credit to Paris in Four Months.



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