This is your first step into adulthood. It’s a big step, and a step you should be proud of, even if your legs tremble along the way. University is daunting for most. With the media portraying University as an endless social scene of frat parties, sorority bitches, drunk teens, and drugs galore, it can seem a little overwhelming at first.
The media’s been lying to you. Contrary to what modern media wants you to believe, University is not a nine-month long party. Everyone’s not banging like rabbits. Drugs aren’t being passed around like Tic-Tacs. There aren’t cliques. No one’s really screwing the professor.

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As July rolls to an end and August comes creeping in, stores are beginning to stock-pile fresh supplies for the coming school year. For those of you fortunate enough to be leaving high school behind and moving into college residences, I present you with a dorm-room must-have list.

– Bed-in-a-Bag. Usually a bed-in-a-bag includes all the essentials, as well as a few decorative pillows if you’re willing to spend a touch more money. A bed-in-a-bag is a very quick way to achieve a put together feel to your dorm room.

P.S. a reversible comforter is ideal— whether you’re too lazy to wash your comforter frequently or just want to change up the view every now and then, a reversible comforter is cheaper than buying two separate comforters or duvet covers. 

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